Lawn Treatments

Lawn Treatments
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Lawn Treatments

Fertilization and Weed Control

At Hilltop Garden Care we offer a specialist lawn care service-essentially taking the know-how from golf course management and re-working it to suit the domestic environment. A lot of lawns that we take on initially are regeneration projects. So they are failing lawns for one reason or another and we turn them into something to be proud of. We aim to create healthy,   lush green, weed-free lawns all over Cheshire and surroundings. We work hard to give excellent service and apply our expert knowledge and wealth of experience to enhance your garden.

As a commercial organization, we have a wide range of products available to us, this includes specific fertilizers to redress an imbalance in the required nutrients in your lawn and help achieve strong healthy growth. 
We tailor our fertilizer appliance to the time of the year so that your lawn is ready for the season and will look great for summer parties. Than later in the year we ensure that it has exactly what it needs to produce a strong root zone to overwinter well. We have sourced some good organic fertilizers too. 

We also use a range of selective herbicides to get on top of the weeds in your lawn. We use these products responsibly and only use where necessary using spot treatments where we can.  

 fertilization process is even more effective when coupled with other beneficial lawn care services such as mowing, mulching, and; 





►Top Dressing


►Over Seeding


►Complete Lawn Regeneration


Our Values

Customer service is an integral part of the way we do lawn care. We return calls quickly, arrive at appointments promptly, and enjoy building relationships with our customers. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality lawn services with a personal touch.

In order to offer you the best, we also stay current on the newest trends and technology in our industry. Contact us today  to get a green lawn that will flourish for years to come.



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